andy alberts.


Hello, I’m Andy Alberts! I am a self-taught web developer and designer. Pushing boundaries and breaking from the norm is something I strive present in a palatable way. I have a passion for learning which his lead by an intrinsic curiosity to understand things inside and out. These values helped shape my involvement with computer science as a whole – and lead me to the path I am currently embarked upon. Bringing creativity to my work is invaluable to me. Regardless of what aspect I am working on, from managing databases, to developing dynamic and responsive web design, I believe creativity is the key to success.

If you’re interesting in working together, please contact me!


Curiosity fuels my passion for learning, and I have been described as an autodidact – “a self-taught person." I have computer science experience from Harvard’s online computer science programs, and have committed to self-directed study outside of formal education structures. I also have a diverse set of experiences in the creative arts.  Alongside my coursework and creative pursuits, I've found vast understanding through literature, media, and hands-on experiential-learning with experts.


Harvard’s CS50x:

“...with an emphasis on correctness, design, and style. Topics include computational thinking, abstraction, algorithms, data structures, and computer science more generally”

Introduction to Computer Science – My biggest take away from this was understanding problem solving and using resourcefulness to solve otherwise mysterious problems. In this 10 week course we are given a broad yet in-depth overview of popular low, and high level languages. The exercises and projects required by the course send you through countless scenarios that take you to places you’ve never seen with little mdn webdocs, w3schools, and stackoverflow as your partners in problem solving. This course enabled me with the ability to pick up new languages and frameworks.


Harvard’s CS50w: Programming with Python and JavaScript:

Picking up where CS50x left off, this course dives into creating dynamic and responsive web apps using frameworks such as Django, React, and Bootstrap. A major takeaway from this course was the use and manipulation of APIs using AJAX techniques.

“...students emerge with knowledge and experience in principles, languages, and tools that empower them to design and deploy applications...”

Visual Arts:

I enjoy using spray paint to actualize ideas onto a large, and sometimes unorthodox canvas. When painting on a smaller scale I tend to gravitate toward watercolors and alcohol based inks which I use to create more fantasy and ethereal surreal works. Outside of painting, I like to work on a micro level using fine tip ink pens which allow me to do fine details such as stipple shading and crosshatching. I’ve transferred my skills with fine lines into tattooing. I have spent time studying and practicing tattoos both on myself and my friends/peers.


When I desired a pivot from paint and ink, I gained a passion for photography. I was drawn to looking at microcosms in the environment around me and giving them voice – or maybe speaking for them. While this is oftentimes comes out in an urban setting, I also tend to see these same patterns in nature. To some large degree, my inspiration for nature photography comes from my love for Lord of The Rings and their mysterious and vast landscapes.


While I do consider myself to be a bit of an audiophile, I also enjoy creating the sounds myself. I’ve played guitar for many years and I find myself singing covers and writing my own songs several times a week. One day I would like to perform at open mics or even play a show of my own.



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